8 X SULZER PROJECTILE LOOMS P7150 T460 N1 EP D2 year 2002 – s/nos. 136.000, working width 460 cm / 183", single col., cam motion E10, 4-6 shafts installed, single warp beams, electronic warp let-off, double whip roller, off-loom take-up, GS lubrication, autom. shed levelling, autom. pick finding, Accessories per loom: 1 weft feeders IRO with panel and weft creel 3-6 heald frames 2 half warp beams or 1 single beam 2.- 3.000 heddles and droppers 1 ascending batching motion projectiles and guide teeth over 80-90%




 Ref. No. BPMB5174