1 x F.O.R./Autefa/Fehrer/Bombi needlepunch line

Width: 4400mm   YOC: 1972-2005  

for any type of needlepunched material including automotive, filtration, geotex, etc.

Capacity roughly 350 kg/hr, consisting of;

- F.O.R. hopper feeder, ww: 2500 mm with CEIA type TSP metal detector

- F.O.R. Minicarda, ww: 2500 mm, breast, 1st main swift with 3 workers/strippers, transfer cylinder, 2nd main swift with 3 workers/strippers, exit in 2 doffers with comb take-off.

- Autefa Crossliner 180.97 crosslapper, ww: 2500/5000 mm

- Dilo POD pre-needler, ww: 5000 mm, single board, downstroke, 1500 needles/linear meter, including CBF.

- Fehrer NL21 needleloom, ww: 4400 mm, double board, downstroke, 10000 needles/linear meter

- CEIA type TE metal detector

- Bombi CAL.2C.44, 2-cylinder calender, ww: 4400 mm, oil heated

- PCM slitting and crosscutting group

- Falcon winder, ww: 4400 mm

Upgraded with new Siemens S7 300 PLC in 2013



Ref. No. BPMB81751