12 X Sulzer projectile looms, type P7150 B 390 N2 EP R D1,  cam motion, 10K installed,

2 colour machines,  electronic warp let off, with differential and center bearing device for running split beams,

electronic weft tensioner, electronic warp let off, 8  heddle frames, ca. 6.000 droppers and healds,

warp stop motion with 4 contact bars, 2 IRO weft feeders, 3 half warp beams Ø 1016 mm,

tube 150 mm, on loom cloth roll winding.

All machines are of the year 2001.


All machines are with side tucking gearbox and cam. The upper part (needle arm device, etc.) needs to be adapted for running with side tuckers.



Ref. No.BPMB81746