5 x PICANOL rapier looms type OptiMax-4-R-540 year of construction 2013, working width 5400mm, 4 colours, electronic STAUBLI dobby type S3020 with 12 hooks & 12 extra reinforced shafts, Positive rapier system GPG, each : 4 prewinders LGL type Sirio Tecnico PPL (for tape weaving), Interactive colour display, Suspension system DRC30, 6 warp stop motion bars Grob KFW5600, Warpbeam position Ø 1100mm, Top beam let off Ø 1000mm, Direct Warp Control type backrest, Mechanical tuckers L & R – mechanical clamp, ELSY L & R, Max. mechanical speed 280 rpm, Optispeed, Light curtain, 15 beams Ø 1000mm - Q4. LED illumination above the fabric & below top beam (back side).






 Ref. No. BPMB81734