1 x Reifenhäuser spunbond line

Type: Reicofil 2   Width: 4200mm   YOC: 1992   EL: 380/3/50

PP spunbond line (SS - 2 beams). Maximum spin pump is 82 rpm for each beam with approximately a total throughput of 1100 kg/hr, maximum line speed is 320 m/min with basis weights from 10 - 80 gsm. Main components as follows;

02 Gravimetric dosing systems

02 Reifenhäuser RT 1651 single screw extruders, screen changer, melt pump, slot die with die pack (spinnerets)

02 recycling extruders - average consumption of 80 kg/hr

02 Reifenhäuser monomer extractors, quench chambers, stretching channels, process air and diffusers

01 Albany Cofpa lay down belt

02 air suction systems

01 Küsters thermobonding calender, 2 cylinders - one engraved (16% diamond) and S-roll

01 surfactant application system and IR dryer

01 Elbit Vision Systems inspection real time camera vision system

01 Edelmann slitting, winding and cutting unit, shaft puller and automatic core cutter, upgraded with Siemens S7 control system

The line is complete with all electrical cabinets and operational panels, as well as airflow system (air heat exchangers) for process air and chillers. The line uses approximately 2 cubic meters of water in a closed loop system for heat exchangers and cooling different areas of the line, a small amount is lost each day to evaporation. The line uses approximately 1500 kW/hr.



Ref. No. BPMB51844