1 X Reifenhäuser Spunbond Line Type: Reicofil 1   Width: 3200mm   YOC: 1988-2001   EL: 380/3/50

PP spunbond line (single S - 1 beam), can be used for industrial production as well as a sample/pilot line.

Original spin pump 40 rpm with max output of 140 kg/hr - current spin pump 120 rpm with approximate output of 400 kg/hr.

Maximum line speed is 120 m/min, basis weight range is 15 - 100 gsm       . 

Line was retrofitted 2001 to R2 model with the following components; air cooling unit, monomer extractor, stretching channel, diffuser unit and inspection cabins. 

Main components consist of: 

01 Gravimetric dosing system

01 Reifenhäuser RT 1651 single screw extruder, screen changer, melt pump, slot die with die pack (spinnerets)

01 Reifenhäuser monomer extractor, quench chamber, stretching channel, process air and diffuser unit

01 Albany Cofpa laydown belt with Reifenhäuser air suction unit  

02 unwinders for carrier material

01 Küsters thermobond calender, 2 embossing rolls and 1 S-roll

01 surfactant applicator and IR dryer

01 Reifenhäuser winder with upgraded automatic slitting system and automatic core cutter

The line is complete with all electrical cabinets and operational panels, as well as all airflow system for process air and compressors. 

The line uses approximately 2 (two) cubic meters of water in a closed system for heat exchangers and cooling different areas of the line, a small amount is lost each day (evaporation, etc). Power consumption approximately 500 kw/hr.



Ref. No. BPMB51843