1 X AUTOMATEX Needle loom mod.AG50B, w.width 3750 mm., table 5000 needles/lm., up stroke, stroke 40 mm., 900 rpm., Asselin quadrupunch.



mod.AG100B yoc 1991

double board configuration, from bottom

w. width: 4000 mm

Needling density: 10.000/m.

Strokes frequency: up to 1100/m

Stroke amplitude: 40 mm.

Equipped with motorized exit group

Winder with accumulator Ramina

w.width 4000 mm.

Roll dia. From 200 to 1200 mm.

Carton cores dia.50 to 150 mm.

W.speed 2 to 20 m/min., recovery 50 m./min.

Transversal cutting with motorized rotating blade

Longitudinal slitting with 8 pressing rotating knives, cutting with manually adjustable.

Cradle  for roll recovery

Accumulator with 50m accumulation capacity.



Ref. No. BPMB917125