1 X F.O.R./Autefa/Fehrer/Bombi Needlepunch Line

Width: 4400mm   YOC: 1972-2005  

For Any Type Of Needlepunched Material Including Automotive, Filtration, Geotex, Etc. 

Capacity Roughly 350 Kg/Hr, Consisting Of;

- F.O.R. Hopper Feeder, Ww: 2500 Mm With CEIA Type TSP Metal Detector

- F.O.R. Minicarda, Ww: 2500 Mm, Breast, 1st Main Swift With 3 Workers/Strippers, Transfer Cylinder, 2nd Main Swift With 3 Workers/Strippers, Exit In 2 Doffers With Comb Take-Off.

- Autefa Crossliner 180.97 Crosslapper, Ww: 2500/5000 Mm

- Dilo POD Pre-Needler, Ww: 5000 Mm, Single Board, Downstroke, 1500 Needles/Linear Meter, Including CBF.

- Fehrer NL21 Needleloom, Ww: 4400 Mm, Double Board, Downstroke, 10000 Needles/Linear Meter

- CEIA Type TE Metal Detector

- Bombi CAL.2C.44, 2-Cylinder Calender, Ww: 4400 Mm, Oil Heated

- PCM Slitting And Crosscutting Group

- Falcon Winder, Ww: 4400 Mm

Upgraded With New Siemens S7 300 PLC In 2013


Ref.No. BPMB917146