1 X Asselin Needle Punch Line 188” wide Model 900S - 1979

Weights of fabric PP with Min of 6 oz/sq yd and Max of 50 oz/sq yr.

800 rpm needle loom 40ft/ min line thorough put 75hp 460vAC (AC inverter drive) 1800 rpm

Asselin Crosslapper type 350 completely rebuilt 2014

Wise 20-30 web former Garnette 84” wide (model 35-A)

Wise Shaker Ser #NC-5000

Wise Picker Model # HWO-36 (ser#NC5199)

(3) Hunter blenders Fiber meter #FC360 Sir# 360,361,358

Fiber conveyor and Fiber Controls Corp. Opener Ser# D-5137

200” wide surface driven unwind and 200” wide surface winner with press roll

Fife Center guide unit with 6 roll accumulator with 10’ travel

180” wide shaft unwind behind cross lapper for sandwich layer process.

Addition info:

Both lines come with spare needle boards

Newly clothed spare rolls still in boxes

Spare gearboxes bearings and belts


Ref.No. BPMB917154