Manufactured: Monti Antonio 

For finishing round knitting fabrics

Year 2006

Technical data :

Working width : 1450 mm (57,9 inch )

Cylinders width: 1750 mm ( 69,9 inch )

Cylinders Diameter : 350 mm (13,78 inch).

Excellent running condition, almost not used

Compacting and finishing calender for tubular knitted fabric in ALL FIBERS (naturals, synthetic,

elastic and mixed). ). It can also heatset the 100% synthetic fabric (polyester, etc.)

2. Heating system and temperature control:

2.1. The cylinder is heated by one resistor (heating element), in a vacuum sealed diathermic oil

bath, in complete absence of air and pressure. MONTI ANTONIO S.p.a system. 

2.2. The temperature of the cylinder is set by a touch screen and is regulated by an electronic card.

The temperature control is equipped with an alarm system and a limitation system of maximum

temperature (230 °C).

3. Tension controls:

3.1. Motorized feeding system

3.2.Mechanic brake (adjustable)

3.3.Expander with overfeeding belts, motorized and independent feeding wheel

3.4.Motorized introduction roll

3.5.Roll synchronization and/or machine speed variation with fabric tension control by power

transductors with electronic proportional and continuous adjustment (load cell)

4. Other devices and characteristics:

4.1. Feeding system composed by:

Pre-opening rings

Motorized roll for textile feeding with photoelectric control cell.

Operator platform

4.2.Automatic/motorized expander

4.3.Set of rings for stripes alignment (OPTION).

4.4.Vertical steaming chamber, made in stainless steel and electrically heated

4.5.NOMEX felt resistant at high temperature

4.6.Automatic system for tension control and felt-centering device

4.7.Incorporated system for felt protection in case of black out and/or compressed air lack

4.8.Teflon compactor for high temperature (or rulon/vaflon up to 160 °C – OPTION) with felt

contact and deepness automatically adjustment

4.9.Stainless steel table for fabric cooling AISI 304, complete with high quality aspiration dryingfan

4.10.Additional fan for textile decatizing in exit

4.11. Textile exit with polyester conveyor-belt

4.12.Independent motors with an electronic synchronization system

4.13.Motorization in three asynchronous phases in 4 engine pole in agreement with CE rules

(IECCENELEC) all complete with forced servomotor.

4.14.Functional motors control to work with variable speed without fabric tension, thanks to the

high quality convector with vectorial frequency.

4.15.Machine general management, including temperature controls, controlled by a programmable

PLC for the production data memorization

4.16.Front and back touch-screen keyboard for production data access and programming 



Ref. No. BPMB61899