Double Jersey Rib And Int. Machines


2x Mayer Innovit 2.0,34”/18gg+20gg,2000 Built,50% Lycra Mer

4x Mayer Innovit 2.0,34”/18gg+20gg,1998 Built,50% Lycra Mer

1 x orizio Cmoa/N 30”/20gg,2x2 Track ,1998

6 x Mayer Interrib 4-1.6 34”/Poss With Follow Cylinders:18gg+24gg/58 Feed,1998-2000

2 x Monarch V 8 Me 22 1x30"+1x34",24 Gg, Arr.2004

5 x Terrot I3p 284 34x24g Yr.1997

2 x Terrot I3p154 30”/20gg/54,1998

2 x Terrot I3p 154 30”/28gg/54,1998

1 x Terrot I3p 154 34”/18gg/54,1998

1 x Terrot I3p 154 34”/18gg/54,1995

5 x Mayer Bodysize Fv 2.0 ,2x20”+2x21”+1x22”/19gg, 2000 Built

26 x Mayer Fhg Ii 8-21”/Just On 14gg,2 Feeder Per Inch, We Can Add Spare Cylinder Any Gg



Ref. No BPMB91714