24 X  TOYOTA MODEL: JA2S-190TP-EF-T710 190CM Air Jet LOOMS, Y.O.C.: 2004



Fabric ( Spun fabrics )

Loom  width 190 cm

07 levers installed

Driving Motor: Super High Torque Start up Main Motor 3.5 KW

Invertor for Slow inching motion by SC (Speed Control) invertor

Beating Motion ( Two side crank drive with oil bath )

Electronic Let off motion ( Single beam )

Positive Easing motion for high speed & heavy fabric

Electronic take up motion

Positive cam Shedding Motion with

Staubli 1761*D High speed type with automatic Levelling

Max. no. of 7 Heald Frames

Weft Insertion with 2 color at will

Tandem nozzle

Tandem Breezing device for stretch weft yarn

Stretch nozzle

New ABS (Double motion -One push air threading)

Electric Drum Pooling with Weft Separation

Selvedge Motion

L&R Rotary full-leno selvage with electronic stop motion

Main Control & Function

High performance 32 bit/133 MHz CPU main computer for super high speed operation

Fibre-optic & Ethernet LAN communication network for super high speed


High performance 32 bit/266 MHz CPU function panel

Web-browser in function panel for network system 

Fully Automatic Lubricating System

Each loom equipped with:


06 heald frames, 06 cams, 1.5 warp beam, 1.5 cloth roll

02 accumulators, heddles & drop wires as on loom


Ref. No. BPMB101765