24 X Picanol Airjet Weaving 


Year 1994   

Width reduction upto = 70cm


Automatic Controls   Microprocessor with Memory cards.

Extended graphic terminal with support functions

Interface for bi-directional communication

With 4-colours light column for stop indications.


Yarn Range   Spun Yarns:  Nm 5 - Nm 120

Filament Yarns:  dtex 20 - dtex 400


Filling Stop Motion    Photo-Electrical  


Colour Selection  4- Colors


Filling Insertion System of main and relay nozzles combined with tunnel reed


Shedding Motion  Staubli 2580RS type electronic

Frame for max. 20 hooks

Equipped with:

16 hooks for shedding motion


Harness Drive upto 16-harnesses.


Filling Cutter Electrical, with electronic control. Separate setting of cutting

time for each colour/yarn

Pick-Finding  Automatic pickfinding 


Reed Motion  Conjugated cams with cam followers

Beam Bearings Shell bearings for max. 805mm flanged diameter                                

Let-Off Motion Continuous, electronically-controlled let-off system

Warp beam dia. 805mm beams.


Back-Rest Universal type with built-in sensor


Warp Stop Motion Electrical type Picanol - pitch 30mm

With 6 toothed electrodes

With broken and finding handle


Cloth Take-up  - Sandroller:  metalised finishing

Pressure rollers:  felt strip covering

Cloth roll wind up in the machine

With smooth anti-crease roll

With metalised cloth roll, tube dia. 89mm

ETU electrical take-up with electronic control (2-100picks/cm)


Take-up Motion-  Worm wheel take-up synchronised with shedding

motion. Including one change wheel for 

43 / inch pick density.

Selvedge motion Rotary selvedge unit


Lubrication -Pressurised oil circulation system with continous filtration.

Centralised lubrication points


Machine Drive-High-performance asynchronous motor,

electromechanical clutch and brake unit

Machine speed depending on:-yarn quality and preparation

-type of fabrics

 -shedding motion (type - no. of harnesses)


Power Supply    Voltage 380 - 3 Phase - Frequency  50Hz


Harness Frames  8-10 pcs per machine 

Warp beam - 1.5pcs per mchine (800mm flange dia.)

Cloth roller -2.0pcs per machine

Weft Supply-2 weft accumulators type 

Feeding unit for 4-heads

Droppers and Heddles 


Ref. No.  BPMB10173