Termobonding OVEN SICAM OTC

Machine type: OTC, belts width: 3.500 mm, y.o.c. 2001

Type : Flat oven, single pass, with air trough technology. 

Hot Sections: 2 

Length of each section: 2.880 mm

Additional section: Entry section + built in cooling + Exit section

Material transportation: 01 Lower Belt + 01 Superior belt (lower belt is recently changed) 

Belts adjustable distance from control board: from 15 mm to 150 mm, with motors, screw

jacks and display in control panel. 

Belts width: 3.500 mm

Mechanical Speed: 12/15 m/min

02 Systems for belts driving, by driven rolls 

02 Systems for belt tensioning, by pneumatic pistons

02 Systems for belt guiding 

02 Air fans driven with frequency converters, adjustable to force the air throughout the 

web and through the burner. One fan each section 

Heating by 2 Gas burners of 300.000 Kcal/h. 

Incorporated smokes extracting system 

Doors for inspection 

Insulation made with sandwich panels filled with pressed rockwool. 

Final built-in cooling, equipped with fan. Length: 2100 mm. Double belt for final calibration. 

Fan with frequency converter to adjust the flow, directly controlled from operator panel. System to close the air 

on the side of the web, to avoid loss of efficiency. 

Control board with operator panel 

Production : Machine is capable for thermos bonding of wadding in polyester fibers in blend with bicomponent polyester (low melt). 

Weight from 50 to 1000 gsm. 

This oven is in a very good technical condition.

Machine in working condition, actually running.





Ref. No. BPMB81719